project: liberation Peer Academy trainings

Just beginning your journey as a peer trainee? Need to finish a few more courses for CEUs? Look no further! Please find the list below of our upcoming trainings and opportunities for those interested in the CPRS designation in the state of Maryland.

CCAR Recovery Coach Academy

Maryland CPRS Core Training

Ok. You may be new to this whole CPRS training thing. Let's make it a bit easier for you. As you may know from review the CPRS app, you must take a Core training. We recommend that you start with our CCAR Recovery Coach Academy. Find upcoming cohorts today!

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Peer C.O.R.E.+

for completing the CEU requirements for CPRS certification after having completed CCAR Recovery Coach Academy

We've tried to make this a bit easier and more efficient for peers. Many peers will remember the days of tracking hours and CEUs using paper, pen, and pencil. There's no reason to do that with our C.O.R.E.+ course that offers all the CEUs you need to advance in your CPRS certification. This is a hybrid, asynchronous course.

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Emotional CPR Certification, eCPR Refresher, eCPR Practice Immersion

The project: liberation crew loves the opportunity to hold space with those interested in becoming eCPR practitioners. This summer, we will offer several eCPR Certification cohorts (12 MABPCB CEUs), Refreshers (9 MABPCB CEUs), and Practice Immersions (3 MABPCB CEUs). Also, we will invite participants to our Educator-in-Training program so that you can become an eCPR Educator.

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Guided Supervision

Live. Asynchronous. Guided. Small Group.

About the event

Join us for CPRS and Peer Supervision. These hours count toward your 25-hours needed for CPRS supervision. Also, these hours count for the necessary supervision for credentials through the project: liberation Peer Academy.

All of our sessions are open to anyone with a desire to deepen their peer support skills. We have free tickets as well as tickets that are nominally priced for supporting the Peer Academy. Please feel free to make donations or purchase tickets at any rate. 

We offer live supervision and Guided Supervision for groups and organizations. For more information, reach Kellie Fry at or text us at 240-397-6734.

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Queer Peer Advocate Certification and Designation

project: liberation has officially launched the QPA designation and certification. This certification helps peers deepen their practices of peer support in minoritized communities. This summer, we will offer the LGBTQIA peer series, Social Justice Series, and LGBT Housing.

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LGBT Housing Certification

release in June 2022

Stay tuned for our one-of-a-king LGBTQUI/Queer Housing Certification for those that work with members of the queer community. For more details, contact Doc through email or text at 240-397-6734.

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Naloxone & Opioid Overdose Prevention

Offers 11.75 MABPCB CEUs

This is a certification course for those using Naloxone (NarCan) in our communities. Additionally, information about harm reduction and preventing opioid overdoses will be made available. For those interested in being trained as a trainer, please contact Doc.

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emergent wellness

Offers 4-8 MABPCB CEUs

Join us for several opportunities to explore and curate wellness in our everyday lives. As peers, practicing radical self-care is of the utmost importance. We will also explore the project: liberation emergent wellness toolkit. See you soon!

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Social Justice & Peer Recovery

Offers 24 MABPCB CEUs

This 24 hour Social Justice training for peers includes resources on harm reduction, social justice, and ways to show up as an advocate in the peer recovery movement. This course counts towards the Criminology & Social Justice certification offered by project: liberation.

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Offers up to 16 MABPCB CEUs in Ethical Responsibility

Not all Ethics trainings are created equally. Join us for this immersive training on ethical considerations for the peer recovery movement. We will also address harm reduction, working in minoritized communities and how to apply ethical principles to our peer work. Please note: We can customize this training for you, your team, your organization and needs.

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RPS for Initial & Recertification

Supervising Peers by project: liberation

We regularly welcome new cohorts into our RPS Supervising Peers training. This training offers 6 MABPCB CEUs and is jam-packed with resources, toolkits, and information that will elevate your practice as a supervisor and mentor. To bring this training to your organization, please contact Andrea by text (240-397-6734) or email.


CPRS Exam Prep & Career Readiness

Offers 4 MABPCB CEUs

We hold space for peers who are ready and eligible to take their peer certification test. We will review several tests and practice exams. Also, our team will work with you on your professional portfolio, resume updates, etc. Look forward to see you soon!

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Process Addictions

Gambling, Gaming, Spending, Sex & More

Offers MABPCB CEUs and Certification program

project: liberation Problem Gambling

During this 8-hour course, participants will have an opportunity to deepen their skills, knowledge, and application of trauma-awareness, trauma-informed care, gambling, spending, co-occurring disorders, and advocacy in the peer recovery world.  

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Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Offers 10 MABPCB CEUs

"The Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP®) is a personalized wellness and recovery system born out of and rooted in the principle of self-determination. WRAP® is a wellness and recovery approach that helps people to: 1) decrease and prevent intrusive or troubling feelings and behaviors; 2) increase personal empowerment; 3) improve quality of life; and 4) achieve their own life goals and dreams." 

- Copeland Center

All of our WRAP trainings happen in person. If you would like to invite us to your area/organization, drop us an email.

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Guided Focusing

Guided Focusing | Dream Focusing | Focusing 1:1 | Recovery Focusing

Join us for an exploration of different Focusing modalities as we explore alternative healing for a world on fire.

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All trauma-care courses count towards project: liberation trauma certification program & designation

Join us for a variety of trauma-care classes this Summer. We will have courses focused on trauma-care in the peer recovery movement, including Traumatic Brain Injuries.

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CPRS Domain-Specific Training

customizable domain trainings for every schedule by project: liberation

Do you need just a few CEUs of this and a few more of that? Are you tired of trying to play the CEU game? Look no further! Check out some of our opportunities to earn the CEUs you need without all the hassle. Contact our Dean of Student Affairs, Tracie Price, for a 1:1 to create your individualized learning plan.

Please note: If you need to access these trainings before the scheduled date, just let us know and we can make modules available for you during the same day.

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