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project liberation peer support & recovery chaplaincy resources

We have created and gathered many resources for your peer support community, psychoeducation groups, and more! 

If you are interested in utilizing the resources, we ask that you sign our "Use of Agreement" form. Use and distribution of resources is not permitted without explicit consent from Tracia Price or Kellie Fry. 

These resources are provided for free/at no cost. We invite you to make donations as you feel comfortable. Donations can be made directly at

Resource 1.png

Jail. Abolition. Covid-19. Peer Support.

This presentation can be used in groups to review the intersectionality of the prison industrial complex, modern efforts for abolition (harm reduction perspective), the current Covid-19 pandemic, and what we can do as peers engaged in this movement of liberation and healing.

Resource 2.png

Remember My Chains

This document provides insight to the modern prison industrial complex in the state of Maryland. Find information here about how to support mass incarceration, prison abolition, Black girls and women.

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Peer C.O.R.E.+ Manual

We gathered some of the best research in the field and have provided a thought-provoking peer guide to compliment your work as a peer recovery advocate. For a print version of the manual, please contact Kellie or Tracia at 240.397.6734 or and To purchase a copy of the manual, please make a payment here.

Resource 4.png

Remember My Chains.

This is another resource that focuses on the criminalization of Black girls in schools, with a focus on Black girlhood in Maryland. This is a great conversation piece as peers are beginning to understand the nature of doing work in marginalized and disenfranchised communities. Also, the Discussion Guide invites peers to think about how to address these issues at a family-level.

Resource 5.png

emergent wellness for groups

The Rev. Christin C. Green, Co-Founder and Recovery Chaplain, was deeply inspired by this project of liberation. She spent time with Spirit and created our emergent wellness curriculum. This presentation is good to use in groups, supervision, and in faith-communities. For more details, please contact Dean Tracia Price, or text 240-397-6734. We invite donations for this curriculum. All proceeds received will benefit peers in the Peer Academy who cannot afford trainings. 

Resource 7.png

Naloxone and Opioid Overdose

We are harm reductionists at our core. We believe in this project of liberation. We know that everyone is worthy and deserving. This Naloxone and Opioid Overdose toolkit is available to those who register for the course, which offers 11 MABPCB CEUs. If you would like copies of this training manual for your team, congregation, or community, please contact us today. To cover printing and shipping, we ask you to kindly make a donation to offset these costs.

Resource 8.png


Join us for an in-depth study of Dopesick, the book and the movie. We provide resources, including a Viewing Guide. Discussion Questions are also available for use and download.

Resource 9.png

The United States vs. Billie Holiday

We love curating resources from our socio-political context. This movie provides insight to the challenges Billie Holiday faced while struggling with addiction and other co-occurring disorders. If you are interested in the Viewing Guide, Discussion Questions, and/or online learning platform, please be in touch today!

Resource 10.png

Surrender to this Life

The idea and act of surrender is one of the most challenging we face in our recovery journey. The Rev. Christin Green has assembled several resources, poems, and readings about the idea of complete surrender. For additional information, powerpoint, and other materials, contact Dean Tracia Price or text 240.397.6734.

Resource 11.png

Gambling, Gaming, and Spending

Our very own Dr. L.A. McCrae, CSC-AD, had the opportunity to share their research on Problem Gambling, Problem Gaming, and Problem Spending during the March 2022 series hosted by the Maryland Council on Problem Gambling. For additional resources, please contact or text 443.252.3834. We can offer presentations, fact sheets, discussion questions, and customized training for your community. In the Summer of 2022, we will launch our next cohort for those interested in learning more about these topics.

Resource 12.png

Remember My Chains

This is a comprehensive guide for discussing the Maryland carceral system at the intersections of the peer support movement. Interested persons may also use this as one of the foundational texts for our Criminology and Abolition certification. For more information, reach or text 443.252.3834.

Resource 13.png

Words of Liberation

Our team has created several resources that can be used in group, individual, congregation, or community settings. Often, we are most inspired by adrienne maree brown. For additional information about Opening Words, Closing Words, etc. please reach out to our team today. We are more than happy to share these resources, readings, and presentations with you at no cost, though donations are always welcomed.

Resource 14.png

Wellness Planning

There are innumerable ways we can engage wellness planning in the peer community. This is a presentation for peers, up to 90-minutes, that focuses on assisting peers in creating their wellness plans and making plans for peer accountability.

Resource 15.png

Addiction. Shame. Recovery.

It's not always easy talking about addiction, especially when it hits home. We have created this presentation and resource toolkit to help individuals, congregations, and communities discuss the intersections of addiction, shame cycles, and the pathway to recovery. Contact or text 443.252.3834 to access these resources, today.

Resource 16.png

Addiction, Gambling, and DMX

On April 9, 2021, people across the nation felt the impact of DMX's passing. We created a presentation for peers that reviews the peaks and valleys of the life of DMX and its connection to problem gambling and addiction. Presentation, playlist, and discussion guide are for mature audiences only. Contact or text 443.252.3834 to access these resources for your community. This course and text can be used in the Criminology and Abolition certification process.

Resource 6.png

emergent strategy refresher

The works of adrienne maree brown are modern epistles to a secular society. We offer a brief emergent strategy refresher course, reading guide, and discussion questions. Please reach Tracia Price at or text 240.397.6734 for additional details.

Resource 17.png

Public Narrative

Not only do we offer a training on Public Narrative (MABPCB CEUs offered), we have compiled several resources from our work with Public Narrative. To learn more or to access materials and/or training, please contact or text 443.252.3834.

Resource 18.png


What do you know about the 13th amendment? How does it adversely impact communities of color? How has the 13th amendment been used to exploit poor communities and increase the number of people in cages?

We have created a few presentations, reading guide, viewing guide, and discussion questions related to this movie as well as the book, The New Jim Crow.

These materials are also provided in the Criminology and Abolition certification program.

Resource 19.png

LGBT Rights & Community

The team has gathered several resources re: LGBT/Queer rights and its intersections with our peer support movement. Resources are geared for congregations and communities practicing healing and liberation for all people. For additional details, contact or text us at 240.397.6734.

Resource 20.png

Remember My Chains

This presentation is geared for faith-based peer communities and explores the intersections of addiction, Paul's epistles, and our moral and social responsibilities to engage justice-making and abolition. Contact or text 443.252.3834 for details.

Resource 22.png


There are many ways we can engage with the criminal (in)justice system as peer advocates. As peer advocates working with families, we must be aware of the socio-political realities our families face, including the criminalization of Black girls in school. This presentation and discussion guide is grounded in harm reduction and caring for families in recovery.

Resource 23.png

Opioids and Abolition

This presentation and discussion guide is geared towards peers and peer supervisors that are interested in criminology, abolition and the Social Justice or Criminology and Abolition peer certificates.

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