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stay informed about project: liberation & the Peers United movement

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June 2022 Peer Academy Calendar released!

May 28, 2022

We have just released our June 2022 training calendar, which you can find on the website. Please feel free to check out the line-up, register for courses, and share in your networks. If assistance is needed and/or scholarship support, please contact our Dean of Students at or drop her a text to 240.397.6734.

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Summer 2022 eCPR Cohort

May 28, 2022

We have received an overwhelming interest in eCPR (Emotional CPR) trainings. We will host at least one eCPR training per month as well as one eCPR Refresher and one eCPR Practice Immersion. All of our eCPR courses offer MABPCB CEUs.

If you are interested in becoming an eCPR cohort member, please reach out to Doc today. By enrolling in the eCPR training cohort, we will ensure you have the necessary mentorship and facilitation experience for your training as an eCPR Educator. If you would like to be an eCPR trainer, please let us know and we'll make an appointment to talk about your individualized learning plan. 

The cohort will have an opportunity to engage: 3 eCPR 12-hour trainings, 3 Refreshers, and 3 Practice Immersions. 

Cost of the cohort is based on the peer's ability to pay. We recommend a total of $325 for the entire cohort and training program. However, we also know that is a bit step for most of us. To discuss scholarships and pay-what-you-can options, please reach


Dean of Student Affairs appointed

April 12, 2025

In January 2022, Tracia G. Price was selected as the Dean of Student Affairs for project: liberation! Help us give Tracia a warm welcome by dropping her an email at Congrats, Tracia!

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Director of Training and Development appointed

April 12, 2025

In January 2022, Kellie Fry was appointed as the Director of Training and Development. She brings years of lived experience and passion to this role. Help us greet her by emailing Welcome to the team, Kellie!

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It's sabbatical season!

April 12, 2025

Rev. Christin C. Green, Co-Founder and Recovery Chaplain at project: liberation, has taken a 3-month sabbatical. Upon her return to Maryland, she will be writing and sharing her experiences in recovery. Christin has taken this time to focus on her recovery/wellness, using the emergent wellness toolkit, "the Program," and the community of new recovery friends. When Rev. Christin returns to the pulpit this summer, she will speak about her experiences recovery from substance use and mental health. We are so grateful for her transparency and willingness to share. You can email Rev. Christin at or text her at 240.397.6734.

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Best Wishes, Rev. Christin

June 2022

It is with very sad hearts that we announce the departure of Rev. Christin C. Green. She has been away for the last three months on a mental health sabbatical and has decided it is time for her to re-focus on healing and wellness during her time of intentional recovery. We wish her all of the very best for the journey ahead.

As a co-founder of project: liberation, Christin was interested in holding space in marginalized communities. She considered herself a curator of the divine and was known as "Echo Keeper" in many circles. Christin has a gift for creating meaning and intentionality in ministry and relationships.

On Sundays, Rev. Christin can be found singing, laughing, and holding space for the emerging possibilities that our world offers. 

We wish you all the very best, Rev. Christin. Thank you for participating in this project of liberation.

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