Kate Hanson

Peer Support

Kate Hanson is a mother of two who firmly believes that giving back to those grappling with w/trauma and addiction is her purpose in life. Recently she entered into the behavioral health field while pursuing her CPRS here in MD and is providing assistance at a local outpatient treatment facility as well as w/Project: Liberation. She has worked with w/the public for years, both in hospitality and for various nonprofits. Kate has also played an integral part in the development and structuring of her family’s nonprofit whose future goals include aiding folks in finding their God-given purpose. Kate also strongly believes in the power of new life and the ability to rebuild those suffering from addiction, life after incarceration, victims of domestic violence, and mental health challenges and is a strong advocate for social & criminal justice reform. She has a lifelong passion for art, dance, and music. Eventually, she hopes to develop an art ministry that looks to utilize art, sound healing, and the spoken word as a means of healing through past traumas.


eCPR Testimonial

“Kate is awesome! She was very helpful from the start!”

eCPR Cohort Testimonial

“Kate was so open and understanding and is perfect for these types of training. She has a way about her that you feel as though you can instantly relate to her and therefore connect to her. She’s so bubbly and cheerful, she made me feel lighter when she spoke and I hope she will be included as the main facilitator in future training.”