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Dr. L.A. McCrae

Co-Founder & Recovery Chaplain

Dr. L.A., the revlatte is a clinician, certified peer, recovery chaplain, and community-based research activist who grounds their work in this project of liberation.

Dr. LA. focuses their work on issues related to mass incarceration & abolition, trauma, addiction, and mental health. L.A. is a Doctorate of Public Health student at Morgan State University. Currently, they are collaborating with colleagues to merge the work of pastoral care & addictions counseling to develop a new generation of “recovery chaplains.”

Dr. L.A. continues to advance work in harm reduction, abolition, and the “Three Ps:” public health, public theology, and public engagement. Each day, L.A. is encouraged and inspired by the words of Adrienne Maree Brown: “I am not afraid of what I came here to do.” Asé.

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Dr. L.A. McCrae, CSC-AD: Our Team

Doc's Testimonials

Doc is on sabbatical until 2023

eCPR Testimonial

“Dr. L.A. is a calming presence and very welcoming. I’ve truly enjoyed my time with them and loved this course!”

CPRS Training Testimonial

“Dr. L.A. is phenomenal at what he does. I am so grateful I was able to participate in this training, my only “growth” for him as well would be to facilitate additional training and be the main facilitator for one of those. Such a kind person, and so easy to connect to… Absolutely amazing facilitator.”

Training Testimonial

“Dr. LA is like a Budha. He brings an atmosphere of calm and peace to the space.”

eCPR Cohort Testimonial

“Strong presence to hold us in the community”

Training Testimonial

“Had to be a hell of a follower cuz he makes one of the best leaders.”

eCPR Testimonial

“Really appreciate how L.A. facilitated the whole meeting. His energy and positiveness and upbeatness.”

eCPR Testimonial

“Attentive, great listener, non-judgmental even when we knew in real play where our weakness was he never called them out he allowed us to figure it out on our own which makes it comforting to know its ok to make mistakes”

Training Testimonial

“Really appreciated the clear explanations of core concepts & appreciated L.A. taking the time to connect with participants in little ways throughout”

Training Testimonial

“Very confident and made the participants feel confident with the skills being taught. Brought out bravery in many people that expressed in the beginning that they were nervous.”

Dr. L.A. McCrae, CSC-AD: List
Dr. L.A. McCrae, CSC-AD: Image
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